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Little Harmony co

Blush Playdough 190g

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Blush is quickly becoming one of our go-to favourite scented doughs, enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Play time is extra fun with this beautiful, calming smell.

Looking for a fun way to keep your little people entertained in a way that can be enjoyed by the whole family? From hand-made doughs to vegan leather play mats, our team prioritises accessories that are good for both your children and the environment.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, or a safe and sustainable way to keep your little ones entertained, check out our range today. We’re also able to customise our signature scent and colour options with our in-house, toxin free recipe.


From custom scents to colour requests, a personalised set can make a great gift for your child’s birthday or holiday celebration.

Using our personalised in-house recipe, our team can help you create a unique gift. Our range is kid-safe and made with edible ingredients, so if little hands get their grasp on them, it doesn’t matter.

Looking for an environmentally-friendly way to help keep your little ones entertained? Check out our expanding range today. With mats, kid-sized aprons and rolling pins to keep little fingers and clothes safe, our team has considered all aspects of activity time. From premium baking ingredients to vegan-friendly leather products, each of our products has been considered for quality, sustainability and keeping children safe.